Notes on a novel (that I am not going to write),
or the swimming pool,
or the tomato plant
or the hair bread.
This is the recipe for bread, from our bread machine; French bread program:
A novel about two trips. And a map.
This map:
Written like a journal of the second trip, the narrative will start when we rent the car in Reykjavik and it will finish when we give the car back.
While describing the second trip (settled in the now) the first trip around the island will be progressively unveiled in memories and anecdotes.
--- There has to be a (simple) mystery (from the first trip) that can we uncovered during the action of the novel (aka. the second trip)---
Mix in the narrative all the elves and ghosts stories and sagas and storytelling... Mix them in without separating what might be real from what might be fantastic.
Write the story with an unapologetic auto fiction tone (so that again you lose the frontier between what is real and what is literature).

We = O and I
I for Irene and for I = me
O could be for Ot or Owen or Oscar or Orlando or Omar or Odin